Who We Are?

Heartland Youth for Christ is a non-profit, 501©3 youth organization that has been operating in the greater Cedar Rapids area since it’s incorporation in 1962.

Why We Exist?

Because Linn County is filled with thousands of hurting kids and families. 

In Linn County...

  • 53% of all 6th-12th-grade students have been bullied

  • 20% live in single family homes

  • 25% of all 6th-12th-grade students lack self-confidence

  • 12% of all 6th-12th-grade students have thought about suicide; 6% have come up with a plan to take their life; 3% have attempted to take their life

  • 51% of all 6th-12th-grade students feel their neighborhoods don't support them

  • 39% of all 6th-12th-grade students don't hold positive values

  • 28% of 11th graders don't feel they have a happy home or that an adult supports them at home


In The United States...

Today's generation of youth have the smallest percentage of church attendance, are influenced the least by religion, and many do not believe in the existence of God.